The restaurant

La Stua de Zach

The flavours of Ladin cuisine fuse with creativity

The traditional cuisine of Carmen and the creativity of Pietro give life to La Stua de Zach, the restaurant of Hotel Miralago, in Passo San Pellegrino.

Carmen has transformed her passion into a profession. For more than 30 years, she has been constantly searching for local and genuine products. Her cuisine is marked by tradition. She memorises typical recipes from other times, passed from mother to daughter so that today she can share her them with our guests thanks to her dishes.

With 8 years of experience in gourmet restaurants and prestigious hotels, Pietro has returned home and has been worked with his mother since 2011 to create and elevate dishes celebrating Ladin flavours. From a small boy he breathed in the atmosphere of the kitchen, cultivating a passion for it. He finds inspiration in the use of spices for the creation of delicate contrasts. He is constantly searching for unique products to create dishes that astonish guests with new taste experiences.

Mother and son know how to create a cuisine that is firmly anchored in tradition but with touches of lightness and modernity that render it unique.

In 2013, we came second place in the Baccalà Trofeo Tagliapietra Regional Competition. In our restaurant you can taste a dish based on dried salted cod or stockfish and on booking a tasting menu for lovers of this ancient dish.

La Stua di Zach and our Hotel Miralago create a romantic location for celebrating your wedding, with the possibility of welcoming up to 60 guests. As well as offering dishes created with love, you will have the possibility of sharing your magical day with those who are dearest to you in an unforgettable location.

If you want to share your passion with your friends and spend moments of happiness together, you can choose our Hotel and Restaurant for your gathering. In 2014, we were the location of the Ferrari Club 2014 Rally.

In 2015 we participated in the programme 4 RISTORANTI (4 RESTAURANTS) with Alessandro Borghese.


Gluten-free products for celiacs

Attentive to the needs of each guest, our hotel and restaurant offers gluten-free products for celiacs, bread, cakes and biscuits… And also, many dishes prepared by our chef.

For greater attention towards you, we ask you to let us know at the time of booking, if you have food intolerances or if you want gluten-free products, so that you can find as many products as possible … for daily comfort!

The Food Out of Home Project stems from the need of the Italian Celiac Association to create a chain of businesses informed about celiac disease that can offer a service suitable for the dietary needs of celiacs.

Our Hotel and Restaurant adheres to this project by preparing foods with products on ministerial notification, reported in the National Register of gluten-free foods of the Ministry of Health and / or products included in the AIC Food Handbook.

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